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TECSOUND® is a polymer based, bitumen-free, high-density synthetic membrane.

The combination of its viscoelasticity and its high-density offers good sound-insulation in different construction elements without increasing thickness.

The upper face has a finish of non-woven polypropylene providing mechanical properties as well as protection. The lower face is finished with PE film.


Soundproofing and Sound-Absorption for Building and Industry

Architects, promoters, designers as well as building companies are constantly looking for solutions to improve the quality of life and comfort in buildings. Acoustics is a parameter essential in new construction and in the renovation of a building where the comfort of residents and users is a priority. Overall, poor sound insulation in buildings impacts from 10% to 20% the value of the property exposed to neighborhood noise.

Solutions Guide on Texsa Acoustic insulation

Passion, Innovation, Strength. In acoustic insulation

The acoustic insulation to obtain will always depend on the building system employed. For this reason, a few building solutions are given with TECSOUND® products of different types and using different applications, with the corresponding airborne noise insulation index Rw (dB) or impact noise insulation index ∆LW (dB). Even so, it is worth describing the material in terms of acoustics, therefore, acoustic insulation tests have been carried out on these products as shown in the graphs attached

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