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Soundproofing and Sound-Absorption for Building and Industry



TECSOUND® is a polymer based, bitumen-free, high-density synthetic membrane.

The combination of its viscoelasticity and its high-density offers good sound-insulation in different construction elements without increasing thickness.

The upper face has a finish of non-woven polypropylene providing mechanical properties as well as protection. The lower face is finished with PE film.



  • Viscoelastic Membrane- It has the combination of both viscous as well as elastic properties, which makes it stand out among the other acoustic treatment

  • Flexible and Expandable, Can adapt to almost all kind of surfaces

  • Fire resistant with Euroclass standard UNE-EN 13501-1:2007 and Euroclass B, s2, d0 rating.

  • Available in different variants based on weights, self-adhesive formats, specific or customised sizes, etc.

  • Sound absorbent material is also used in its manufacturing which helps in deflecting sounds and high level soundproofing

  • With high density properties it do not take any extra space in the insulation and can be used at places where thickness matters.

  • Can be used on Ceilings, flooring, joints, etc.

  • Water repellent, hence no water absorption or growth of moulds, etc.

  • It has high level Damping effect properties, hence no sound vibrations.


  • Easy to handle and install. Installation of TECSOUNDR do not require heavy tools, it can be applied with using adhesives.

  • Eliminates the chances of sound leaks even from joints or any other surface it is applied and helps in sound dampening.

  • Better installation ratios

  • Can be used as an acoustic barrier on uneven surfaces without hassle of damage.

  • Easy to deal on intricate joints as well as layouts.

  • Flames do not spread in case of fire, it is self-extinguishing.

  • Reduces the noise transmission on a high level.


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